Wolf Pitts Pro Aerobatic Solo

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Paul’s solo display is 12 mins of high energy, engine screaming precision aerobatics, starting at a height of 3500ft down to ground level! The Wolf Pitts is the highest performing aerobatic biplane in the world with an astonishing 400hp!

It has a smoke system fitted which leaves a trail of white smoke making it easier for the spectators to keep up with the action as the Pitts tumbles from one side of the sky to the other! Options available are the ability for Paul to commentate his performance live from the cockpit via the events sound system!

This really gives your spectators an exciting look at the workout that the pilot has to endure during a single performance. REVISE THIS

Watch the unforgettable opening of the Yarram Centenary Of Flight Airshow. Come for a ride with me in the Wolf Pitts Pro with complete 360 views taken from the Garmin 360 Virb Panning around, you will see the following at these times if you just watch the clip.
A short video showing highlights of Paul Bennet's solo display at Wings Over Illawarra 2017.

Cameron Reynolds - Avalon Airport Spotter

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