In The Air

Paul Bennet

Paul Bennet’s life is marked by a continuing search for perfection and excellence. He is not satisfied unless he is learning, refining a skill, or conquering a challenge. Whether he is sailing a 16ft skiff or sailing a 50ft ocean racing yacht, flying one of his 200mph radio control jets, or flying his 400hp Wolf Pitts Pro, or one of the most sort after and rairest warbirds in the world, Paul is full throttle.

Paul’s competitive flying history leads an accomplished path. In 2008 Paul achieved the title of the National Advanced Aerobatic Champion and then the following year became the National Unlimited Aerobatic Champion, receiving the Phillips Cup. In 2011 and 2012 Paul won Unlimited in both the Queensland and Victorian State Championships and most recently, in November 2016, Paul won the award of Australian Freestyle Aerobatic Champion and continues to hold this title.

With over 5000 display related flying hours in front of 10s of millions of fans, Paul has cemented himself as a master of aerial entertainment and the country’s finest air show performer. Paul’s performances are always professional, phenomenally rehearsed and accurate. As one of only a handful of Australian Pilots to hold a ground level aerobatics approval, he is also a delegate for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to issue aerobatic endorsements to this height as well as being a flying instructor.

Paul’s reputation for putting on a sensational show exceeds many expectations. His dynamic and aggressive aerobatic displays leave his spectators in awe as he defies gravity and physics, performing manoeuvres that are yet to be reproduced by any pilot. He thrives on the crowds and talks to them live through his headset while performing sequences that put a tremendous amount of force and stress on his body.


Glenn Graham

Glenn Graham grew up in a flying family and first solo’d an aircraft on his 16 birthday. Within the next 12 months he had acquired his aerobatic endorsement and had won his first aerobatic competition. Since 2006 Glenn has had his flying skills mentored by Paul Bennet and since then has become a two time Australian Advanced Aerobatic Champion.

Glenn continues to enjoy the challenges of unlimited and freestyle aerobatics and is addicted to the high energy thrill and demand that this type of flying brings.

Glenn has a surface level waiver and displays as part of the SkyAces Aerobatic Team along with flying solo displays in various aircraft.


Glenn Collins

Glenn Collins has in excess of 2700hrs total lying experience in aircraft with over 1000hrs in ultralights/microlights and over 500hrs instructing. Glenn also likes to jump from aircraft with 83 skydives to his name.

Glenn has flown competitio Aerobatics to Advanced level including becoming NSW and Australian Sportsman champion in 1997, Australian Intermediate champion in 1998 and Victorian Advanced champion in 1999.

Glenn’s commercial experience includes – Standard Joyflights to formation Aerobatic Joyflights & Warbird adventure flights. Multi engine IFR, Aerial work including Banner towing, Skywriting & Parachute display Ops

Warbird & vintage aircraft including: TBM3 Grumman Avenger, T28 Trojan, CAC Wirraway, Cessna O-2, Stinson L-5, DH82 Tiger Moth, Auster & chipmunk

Display experience: Many displays over 15 years in aircraft from microlights to Warbirds from straight & level flypasts to formation & opposing aerobatics down to surface level.


Ben Lappin

Ben Lappin grew up in a flying family and was sent solo by his mother Michelle in ultralights and gliders on his 15th birthday. On his 16th birthday he solo’d the “Family Wagon”, a Cessna 180 which was rebuilt by his father Gerard. Ben gained his qualifications at the minimum ages and currently holds a Commercial Pilots License.

Ben started competing in aerobatic competitions at age 16, first flying a Decathlon then later flying his father’s Pitts S1C which he won the NSW Championships in 2008 flying sportsman category and the Australian National Aerobatic Championships in 2009 flying the intermediate category.

Ben has been flying commercially since the age of 18, he has covered most of Australia in his career and gained experience in a wide variety of aircraft. Ben enjoys all aspects of flying and has conducted scenic/ adventure flights, multi engine IFR charter and corporate flying, glider towing, parachute dropping, ferry flights and test flights.

“I feel privileged to be part of the team and I’m very excited to see what the future has in store for Paul Bennet Airshows and myself.


Tim Dugan

Tim was bought up in an aviation family and first took to the skies before his first birthday. Tim completed his first solo in a glider on his 15th birthday and first solo in a powered aircraft on his 16th, achieved his private and commercial licences as each birthday came around and now holds an Airline Transport Pilot Licence, has multi engine instrument rating, holds an Instructor rating and is rated for formation and aerobatics.

Tim’s time in aviation so far has seen conduct general and aerobatic Joyflights and Warbird adventure flights, charter, flight instruction, aeromedical, international and domestic aerial survey and aerobatic airshow displays.

Tim has been lucky enough to fly Warbirds and vintage aircraft since 2004, the types include DeHavilland Tigermoth, Harvard, Yaks, Boeing Stearman, CAC Wirraway and Grumman Avenger.


Chris Tibbetts

Starting his flying career at an early age, Chris had attained his Commercial Pilots License and was conducting Tiger Moth joyflights at the age of just 18. Chris has built over 3000hrs of flight time in a wide array of aircraft, ranging from small Australian designed homebuilts, to state of the art turbines and a wide range of vintage warbirds. Chief Pilot of Skydive Maitland since 2007, Chris has completed over 7000 parachute drops and is well respected as a jump pilot examiner in the region.

Chris and his family own a vintage Beech 18 and since being invited to join the PBA team in 2012, he has taken the opportunity to immerse himself in his passion for both aerobatics and warbirds. A regular on the Australian Airshow scene, Chris can often be found on the flightline, or keeping the show running smoothly as Display Air Boss.


Pete Stewart

Pete (AKA Smiley) started flying 1988 and is a Twin rated
Commercial Pilot that loves all things aviation…. especially warbirds.

Pete enjoys the PBA and Airshow team environment and assist the team with ground crewing and the ferry of aircraft from show to show.

Pete doesn’t care that his loops look like eggs because he can still beat Paul on the golf course!


Philip Lee

Philip Lee(FLT.LT, Retired) is a formal naval aviator. He got his commercial license with twin & IFR ratings back in 1995, then served his country, South Korea. At both Airforce and Navy, he was lucky to fly various types of aircraft including T/A37, F406, P3C and Philip has more than 1,600hrs of total flying experience. He also graduated from Aviation Safety Institute and was qualified as a safety and accident investigation officer. He is an executive at a global IT firm, but with a great passion and enthusiasm in aviation, Philip takes his time out flying with PBA.


Ground Crew

  • Paul Bennet

  • Glenn Graham

  • Glenn Collins

  • Ben Lappin

  • Tim Dugan

  • Chris Tibbetts

  • Rachael Bennet

  • Jett Bennet

  • Summa Bennet

  • Milani Bennet

  • Pete Stewart

  • Tim Geluk

  • Michael Newbie

  • Matt Clark

  • Andy McLennan

  • Haley Tibbetts

  • Heather Graham

  • Carl

  • Jack Fergeson


Through The Lens

  • Motty

  • Mark Jessop

  • Dave Sodorstrom

  • Cameron Reynolds

  • Duncan Fenn

  • Tim Geluk

  • Andy McLennan