Wolf Pitts Pro



Registration: VH-PVB

Build Number: 001

PVB is the very first Wolf Pitts and one of only two in existence.

The Wolf Pitts Pro is the highest performing aerobatic biplane in the world, made using the latest design concepts utilising the latest in materials , it was designed and hand built by Steve Wolf from the United States. Powered by a 400hp Lycoming engine and a empty weight of 1200lbs (450kg) the Wolf Pitts is capable of a cruise speed of 185kts (340 km/hr) and a top speed of 224kts (414 km/hr).

With four ailerons that span almost the entire length of the wings, the Wolf Pitts has a dizzying roll rate of over 360 degs per second!

The Wolf Pitts Pro is truly a unique aircraft designed for one purpose – aerobatics!

With Paul at the controls, this biplane is capable of some unbelievably wild manoeuvres that you are unlikely to see reproduced by any another aircraft.

Powerplant                  1  x  Lycoming IO-540 6 Cylinder (400hp)

Span                                5.90 m

Length                            6.20 m

Max Speed                    242kt   (414km/hr)

Range                             500 nm (926 km)


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