Yak 52


Registration:                    VH-MHH    VH-YBZ    VH-FRI

First Flight:                      1976

Built:                                 1,800 + (Still in production)

Variants:                           4 including tailwheel

Introduced:                      1978

Manufacturer (2012):      Aerostar in Bacau, Romania.

Users:                                 9 Military Air Arms

The Yakovlev Yak-52 is a Soviet primary trainer aircraft which first flew in 1976. It is still being produced in Romania by Aerostar.

Developed from the single seat Yak 50 aerobatic aircraft the Yak 52 is utilised as an “Advanced Level” aerobatic championship aircraft.

The Yak-52, like most Soviet military aircraft, was designed to operate in rugged environments with minimal maintenance. One of its key features is its extensive pneumatic system. Engine starting, landing gear, flaps, and wheel brakes are all pneumatically actuated.

The partially exposed retractable undercarriage allows for forced landings with gear retracted allowing minimal damage to aircraft airframe.

A tailwheel version of the aircraft known as the Yak52TW is available and boasts an upgraded 400hp M-14 engine.

Powerplant:                       1  x  360hp Vedeneyev M-14P  9 cylinder radial.

Span:                                   30’ 6”    (9.30m)

Length:                               25’ 5”     (7/75m)

Max Speed:                        154kt     (285km/hr)

Range:                                296nm   (550km)


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