Wolf Pitts S1-11X


Registration: VH-PVX

Build Number: 001

With Paul Bennet being in high demand to perform world wide it became evident that he would require a second aircraft to fulfil the increasing demand for his solo aerobatic display abroad.

Paul sourced the aircraft in brand new condition from Germany and builder Udo Bearing.

The Wolf Pitts S1-11X is built to the same standard as Paul’s famous Wolf Pitts Pro. The main difference between these two are in the fuselage. The S1-11X utilizes a Pitts S1-11B airframe with all the custom parts from Steve Wolfs Wolf Pitts Pro added.

The result is a aircraft capable of performance figures that put the latest in aerobatic monoplanes to shame.

Powerplant                    1  x  Lycoming IO-540 6 Cylinder (400hp)

Span                                5.40 m

Length                            6.00 m

Max Speed                    242kt   (414km/hr)

Range                             360 nm (666 km)


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