T28 Trojan


Registration:                VH-FNO

First Flight:                  27 September 1949

Number Built:             1,948

Introduced:                  1950

Produced:                     1950 – 1957

Variants:                       12

Retired:                         US Navy 1984

Users:                            28 Military Air Arms

The T28 was designed to replace the NAA T-6 and SNJ Texan in the USAF and US Navy.

The early variants were (T-28A) powered by an 800hp Wright R-1300 in the hope to mimic performance of early jet aircraft with slow spool up time.

The T-28B introduced the 1,425hp Wright R.1820 power plant.

The T-28C was a dedicated carrier landing aircraft fitted with a tailhook.

The T-28D was a dedicated counter insurgency aircraft fitted with six underwing hardpoints. It was utilised by the USAF SOS units in Vietnam, with the Vietnamese Air Force and Royal Lao Air Force.

The T28 was utilised by the US Navy, US Marines and also the US Coast Guard for training into the early 1980s. The last training flight by the US Navy was with VT-27 in early 1984.

The T-28 Fennec (a small Saharan Desert nocturnal fox) were converted for use by SUD Aviation for the L’ Armee de l’Air and utilised in French North African colonies.

Powerplant (T-28D):            1  x  1,425hp Wright R.1820 Cyclone   (9 cylinder)

Span:                                        40’ 1”   (12.22m)

Length:                                    33’ 0”   (10.06m)

Max Speed:                             343kt   (552km/hr)


ArmamentL                           2  or 6 underwing hardpoints

2  x  0.50 cal Browning machine guns.

20mm cannon

Napalm, Mk.82 500lb bombs


The history of our T28:

1954     Built for US Navy with Build No 138122

Transferred to US Army but retained its Navy Serial Number

1984     Allocated to National Museum of Naval Aviation, NAS Pensacola, Florida

1985     Sold to Richard C.Fernalid, Anchorage, Alaska

Registered  N28RF

2004     Sold to John G Roberts, Santa Barbara, California.

2008     Sold to Murray Moule, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

13 August 2008     Registered VH-FNO.

February 2014       Sold to Dunkel Aviation, Western Australia.

February 2015       Sold to Bennet Aviation, New South Wales.


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