Stinson L5


Registration:             VH-BFR

First Flight:               1939

Built:                          3896 worldwide

Produced:                 1942 – 1945

Used:                         12 Countries

Introduced:              1939

Retired:                     1973

Capable of operating from short unpaved airstrips the L-5 “Sentinel” delivered personnel, critical intelligence and needed supplies to the front line troops. The L-5 would also pick up wounded soldiers who were often evacuated to hospitals for medical treatment.

L-5s were also used for aerial photography, controlling vehicle convoys, para-dropping food, medical supplies and ammunition, laying communication wire, distributing propaganda leaflets, spraying pesticide, transporting prisoners, and directing fighter-bombers to ground targets. The L-5 was also popular with Generals and other high-ranking officers for fast, efficient short-range transportation.

Powerplant:                 Lycoming O-435-1, 185hp (138kW)

Span:                             34’ 1””    (10.36m)

Length:                         24’ 1”      (7.34m)

Max Speed:                 145kt       (262km/hr)

Range:                          325nm    (603km)


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