S1 Pitts Specials


Registration: VH-UDP and VH-IPB

The Pitts S1 was first designed in the 1940’s and was originally powered by a 90hp Franklin engine.

In the 1970’s this biplane quickly became a favorite for pilots flying in aerobatic competitions around the world.

The Pitts S1-S was Paul’s first aircraft that was purchased with the concept of competing in competition aerobatics.  Paul went on to win many aerobatic competitions in this aircraft including the Unlimited category in 2009.

Paul has began modifying this aircraft after competition by installing Prescion Wings, a carbon fibre propeller and a ‘modified’ Lycoming IO-360 engine.

The S1 Pitts aircraft are utilized in the Sky Aces formation aerobatic team flying position two and three.

Powerplant:            Lycoming IO-360 (4 cylinder)

Length:                    4.70m

Span:                        4.80m

Max Speed:             183kt        (338km/hr)

Range:                     260nm      (480km)

Weight:                    450kg


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