Pitts Model 12

Registration: VH-TYJ

The Pitts Model 12 (aka Monster Stinker) is a large fully aerobatic biplane designed around utilising the 360hp Russian M14P radial engine and can be built from plans or purchased in kit form.

This aircraft was Curtis Pitts’ last design and was completed in 1995. It is a great aircraft for aerobatics and touring, being to hold more luggage and travel a better range than the conventional Pitts design.

Powerplant: Vedeneyev M14P (360hp)

Length: 20ft

Span: 23ft

Max Speed: 400km/hr

Range: 500nm

Weight: 703kg

Rate of Climb: 2900fpm

Roll Rate: 280 deg/sec

Limits: +6/-3 G


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