Cessna O2


Registration:           VH-OTO

First Flight:              January 1967

Built:                         532

Produced:                1967 – 1975

Used:                        13 Countries

Introduced:             1967

Retired:                    2010

In 1966, the United States Air Force (USAF) realised it needed a replacement for its O-1 Bird Dogs in Vietnam. The Cessna 337 was selected and with relatively minor modifications to incorporate under wing weapons mounts and weapon release systems, was sent to war in Vietnam designated the O-2A. The Cessna O-2A is an all metal, high wing, retractable gear aircraft incorporating twin tail booms and an engine mounted at the front and rear of its fuselage pod. A total of 501 Cessna O-2A’s were delivered to the USAF.

VH-OTO is still in original condition from its military service.

Powerplant:           2x Continental IO-360-D  210HP (158 kW)

Span:                       38’ 0”    (11.58m)

Length:                   29’ 2”      (8.90m)

Max Speed:            192kt         (356km/hr)

Range:                    1325nm     (2,132km)


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