Looking to host an air show?…….we can help!

Paul Bennet Airshows can assist with (and not limited to) the execution of the following areas of air display events.

  • Assist in the orientation and limitations of the air display axis, while maintaining regulation standards in public and pilot safety.
  • Give comment on location of spectators and airfield arrangements. (ie. visiting aircraft, fuel truck, emergency services ect)
  • Within a given budget, Paul Bennet Airshows can source a wide array of exciting display aircraft with qualified pilots that will not compromise the events required safety standards.
  • Gather all participating display pilot details including reviewing individual risk assessments on all participants.
  • Generate a detailed air display risk assessment and submit to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for approval within the regulation time frame.
  • Run pre-display pilot briefings with CASA personal and also after event de-brief with pilots and event organizers.
  • Draw up a running flight program that runs smoothly taking into account factors such as aircraft requirements, performance and pilot fatigue.
  • From planning to execution Paul Bennet Airshows can ensure your event doesn’t fall trap to the all too common mistakes that can be made in running an air display, which may lead to an unwelcome and unsafe environment.

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Are you ready to expand your aviation skill set with Australia’s leading aerobatic and airshow pilot? Are you looking for the next challenge in your aviation career? Look no further!

Paul Bennet Airshows is proud to offer an array of advanced flight training programs to both new and experienced pilots from all around the world.

Services include:

  • Tail wheel
  • Contant Speed
  • Retractable
  • Graduate to unlimited competition aerobatics
  • Formation
  • Formation Aerobatics
  • Spin training
  • Emergency manœuvre training
  • Low level aerobatic approvals
  • Warbird type ratings

Paul Bennet Airshows prides itself in offering a number of services that can not be obtained elsewhere in Australia. With a fleet ranging from the durable Cessna 185, multiple Pitts Special variants to unique are rare warbirds the opportunities are endless.

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